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Operator : 4 ( MC ) / 2 ( VRLA )
Cycle time : 12 ~ 15 sec / EA

1. B201115 Dumping machine
B201115-1 Full insertion working station
B201115-2 Orientation tester
B201115-3 Short-circuit tester
B201115-4 Y-direction alignment ( for strap )
B201115-5 X-direction alignment ( for flag bending )
2. B201105-1 Automatic container supply
B201105-2 Servo motor insertion module for cell insertion machine
B201105-3 Strap brush for mold release machine
3. B201117 Automatic mold release agent applying machine
4. B201111-1 Ventilation system with Light for COS pot
B201111-2 Mold timing controller for COS pot
5. B201114 Semi-auto terminal welding table
B201114-1 Semi-auto terminal welding tooling for terminal front side
B201114-2 Semi-auto terminal welding tooling for terminal inside
6. B201112 Container cooling conveyor
7. B201123 Cassette brush and tilting machine
8. B201101-1 Group insertion machine combination module ( With Cassette Controller )