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In Taiwan, Hitec is the first company registered for primary doing business in automation.
Although it has been operative for only one year, it has successfully completed many projects including the installation of an NP4-6 battery fully automatic assembly line for the YUASA Battery TAIWAN CO.,LTD.:the development of a computerized of the underground water in the Taiwan area : a simulated aircraft dynamics experimental system for automatic control design and assembly : and Mock circulation control system for artificial heart valve testing.

  A.D. 1991 Jul. HITEC AUTOMATION CO., LTD established, Mr. Chang was the first president.
  A.D. 1993 Aug. Completed Automatic small VRLA assembly system for Taiwan Yuasa.
  A.D. 1995 Oct. Completed Automatic large VRLA assembly system for Taiwan Yuasa.
  A.D. 1996 Mar. Completed Automatic motorcycle battery assembly system for Taiwan Yuasa.
  A.D. 1997 Mar. The first equipment exportation for Yuasa Exide INC (USA).
  A.D. 2001 May. Supply equipment to Taiwan GS.
  A.D. 2002 Jan. Supply equipment to Indonesia.
  A.D. 2004 May. Supply equipment to Thailand.
  A.D. 2005 Jan. Supply equipment to Vietnam.
  A.D. 2007 Oct. Supply equipment to India.
  A.D. 2010 June Established Longhaul as an engineering business company
  A.D. 2010 Aug. Purchased High capacity 3D measurement equipment.
  A.D. 2011 Jan. Definition COS system to B-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class..
  A.D. 2011 Jan. Establish the machine shop under Engineering Dept.
  A.D. 2011 Aug. Supply equipment to Brazil.
  A.D. 2013  Aug Hitec business is continued by Longhaul