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Business principle
All manufacturing enterprises must adjust their policies, change their management structure and promote their productivity in face of the impact of market liberation and internationalization.

They must make efforts to escalate their manufacturing process and automate their factories: otherwise, they will not be able to maintain their competitive superiority.

The progress of international society and economic prosperity are commingled with the industriousness of every line of business.

Specialized in automation, the Hitec Automaition CO.,LTD. will do everything in its power to supply institutions, public and private what they need and thus coo prate with them in working for achievements.

Staffed with technicians experienced in practical affairs and supported by doctoral specialists of University of Taiwan, Hitec is noted for its sophisticated technology and operative creativity.

Longhaul / Hitec was conceived as and works as Computer Integrated Manufacturing System. Longhaul offers manufacturing enterprises automation services including evaluation, planning, design, building, and consultation of individual and entire workstation. We also train employees for manufacturers and offer analysis of efficiency and profit for decision makers.

Functions of CIM :
database collection / analysis /print.   machine status monitor.   processor control.
AI ( artificial intelligence ) scheduling.   SPC ( statistical process control ) for Quality Control.
  Longhaul PURPOSE
Speed :
Fast Decision making, Massive Product Development, Short lead time.
Quality :Total Quality Control (TQC)
Flexible :Constant Developing & Manufacturing within Any Condition
Innovation :Taking Challenges, Making Progress Every Moment
Cost:Focusing on task, Minimization the cost.